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Portugal memories

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June 12, 2004

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Channel: Sandra Shine Fans

Starring: Jo , Sandra Shine , Sandy , Sophie Moone , Sophie Paris

As you all know, I just got back from Portugal from a very exiting shoot. Sophie Paris, Sophie Moone, Sandra Shine, and Jo also accompanied me. We had some difficulties at the beginning because our bags arrived to Faro (the place where we stayed) too late, so at the beginning we had no clothes. :-) We had to run around naked all day long but we didn't mind it, because the weather was sunny, the water in the pool was nice warm and we like to be naked anyway. :-) Actually, nothing interesting happened, we played tennis, read and chatted while the others were working and vice versa. We had a wonderful dinner every evening at various restaurants, our favourite food were the piri-piri, creme caramell and tarta do'nata (hopefully my spelling is okay...) The people were really friendly, when we went to a restaurant, they took us to the kitchen and 'demonstrated' how our favourites are made...

I shared my room with Sandra, once we were caught at night, because we were too noisy when making love to each other... Oh, yeah, I have to mention our last night as well: we had some tequlia party, that ended up in a lesbian moresome! Now, I bet you wish you'd be there with us, huh?
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