Beyond silence

© 2013 21Sextury Productions

September 3, 2008


Channel: Pix and Video

Starring: Lepidoptera

Lepidoptera is an order of butterflies. Members of the order are referred to as “lepidopterans” now you can study here. It might sound strange, but our butterfly fucks herself in the ass, and she will pee afterwards, just to make herself more beautiful in the eyes of the male side. She was colorful enough until she took her shirt off, so no wonder why she thinks she wouldn’t be enough charming. Let’s not tell her the truth, that she looks better without those colored materials on her, and becomes more desirable and more natural If we told her, she wouldn’t show us what she can do with that nice blue dildo… If you watch her, you become a lepidopterist, for a person who collects or studies this order is referred to as a lepidopterist.

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